First time at Crown:
– We gather every Sunday Morning at 9am central and hope to see you. 
Come in what makes you feel comfortable!
Each week you will see a wide variety of dress from jeans, shorts, and some men that like to wear suits and some ladies who like to wear dresses. 
-Everyone is welcome to worship with us at Crown.
We have variety of people from all types of backgrounds: those who have never before been to church as well as those who have been raised in a variety of different church denominations. It’s incredible to serve a God where He transforms us from a life of sin to a life of serving Christ.  
-Talk to one of our Amazing volunteers!
If it is your first Sunday we will never call you out publicly or embarrass anyone. We would love for you to fill out a guest card, speak with one of our Pastors or leaders so we can meet you and get to know you. Stop and talk to one of our “Crownies” and learn more about our church.
– Kids church & Nursery?
The Doors open at 8:45am for Kids to come get checked and enjoying all we have to offer. “Krown Kidz” is our Childrens Ministry where Pastor Billy has lead children for over 20 years.  In all likelihood, after one Sunday in “Krown Kidz” your children will beg for you to bring them back. Our team of volunteers will be thrilled to show parents where Krown Kidz meet and also introduce Pastor Bill and his team of volunteers so you know your children are safe and having an incredible time. 
– Our Culture?
We are a Holy Spirit led church where you will feel a sense of home while being led to grow in Christ.  Each Sunday we take time to worship, we take time to welcome and talk with church family to get a handshake or hug, then worship some more. We then have  a time of teaching grounded in the Bible, then an altar time.