Crown Service update for Sunday May 17th

Good afternoon Crownies,

We are hopeful that your week has been great as we are looking forward to this Sundays Service.

This Sunday we have rearranged the stage and in doing so we are asking that everyone bring lawn chairs which we can sit under the large trees to enjoy the shade in service. We encourage all who feel safe doing so, to park cars in the normal parking lot then bring your lawn chairs over.

Some may still want to stay in their vehicles for service and we will continue to use the FM transmitter so that you can hear the service from your cars. We will asking that all of those who remain in their cars to back their cars in along the fence, this will ensure that all have a view of the stage. If you are choosing to park your car in the field, we ask that you stay in your car.

We ask that everyone please use physical distancing when sitting in the lawn chairs under the trees.

We are praying for an amazing service this Sunday and look forward to seeing each of you at 10am for service.




Pastor Jason