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Core Values
We Love God and Love People

We believe that we best reflect the love of God in the way that we love His prized creation.

We Strive to Reflect Heaven

Heaven is a wonderful and racially diverse place, and we believe church should be also. We strive to have services that look like Heaven by embracing the unity in worship that God has called us to.

We Are a Multi-Generational Church that Exists to Extend a Legacy of Faith

There is great value in the wisdom of our elders, and we acknowledge the profound impact they have on the next generation. We recognize the younger generation's responsibility to extend the legacy of faith that has been modeled in the lives of those who have come before them.

We Practice Radical Generosity

Included in the plan of redemption is God's financial blessing upon the life of the believer. We have been blessed to be a blessing. God expects His church to be generous. 

We Operate in Excellence

We are called to excellence. We believe that God deserves our very best, and as image bearers of God, His goodness is reflected in our unwillingness to accept mediocrity. We were made by God to excel!

We are Committed To Jesus and His Church

Jesus gave His very life for us, and the very least that we can do is give our total devotion to Him. We are commited in the way that we serve, the way that we give, and the way that we worship. We love the things Jesus loves, and Jesus loves His church!